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The Amazing Ways AI is Changing Business

Just a few years ago, artificial intelligence technology seemed like it would always remain niche, with more applications in science fiction than in our actual lives.

That’s of course no longer the case. For example, retailers are partnering with retail app development agencies that specialize in NLP, creating apps that allow users to “browse” their inventories simply by speaking into their devices.

The following are merely some of the more noteworthy ways that AI is transforming business as we know it. They represent not only how AI has already affected business, but how it will continue to do so to an even greater degree in the near future.

Changing UIs

AI isn’t necessarily one single innovation. The term actually encompasses a range of technologies, including machine learning and natural language processing.

NLP has particularly influenced business choices recently. That’s because it allows programs to more accurately “understand” not only what a person is saying, but their intent as well.

Companies are changing the UIs of their digital products as a result of recent NLP advances. Until recently, anyone performing a search on the internet or through an app would typically do so by typing their query into a search bar. NLP is changing that. Voice search is now becoming more and more common, accounting for nearly half of all internet searches. Businesses must respond accordingly.

Guarding Against Errors

AI isn’t merely changing the way businesses create products for their customers. It’s also changing the way they operate in the office.

For instance, publications can now use AI-equipped grammar check tools to ensure none of their content has any errors before they publish it. AI grammar check tools can understand a writer’s intent, more accurately determining whether a possible error is an actual error. That wasn’t the case until fairly recently.

Analyzing Data

Data analysis is one of the more popular ways businesses use AI. AI can analyze large portions of data accurately and efficiently, allowing businesses to make important decisions without requiring human workers to devote long periods of time to data analysis.

For example, many businesses use AI in their supply chains when choosing shipping routes. An AI will analyze all the relevant factors, allowing businesses to select routes that offer the greatest advantages in the form of efficiency, savings, and safety.

Just remember that this is still merely the beginning of AI’s widespread use in business. Developers and innovators continue to expand what AI can do. That means they’ll continue to make it more valuable for business.

Author: Alexa Marino | Glance Creative Ltd.

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