Google Maps brings its real-time journey-tracking feature to iPhone – Digital Trends

Google Maps has been getting a slew of useful updates this year, and on Thursday, October 18, iPhone users of the app received yet another one. ETA sharing lets you share your route in real-time with selected contacts, so everyone knows the whereabouts …Read more

Pixel 3 vs. iPhone XS: Why Apple (Barely) Wins – Tom’s Guide

They may run different operating systems, but they’re both at the head of their respective classes when it comes to offering the most premium software experiences in the mobile space. Ultimately, only one can win out in this Pixel 3/iPhone XS …Read more

How to Scan Documents With Your iPhone in Three Quick Steps – Mac Rumors

How to Scan Documents in Three Quick Steps. Launch Control Center from the Lock screen: On iPhone 8 or earlier, swipe up from the bottom of the screen; on iPhone X/XS/XR, swipe down from the upper right “ear”. Hard press (or long press) the Notes icon.Read more

There’s a new biggest Apple bull on Wall Street, and he expects a 40% surge – CNBC

With the investing world’s attention fixed on Apple’s ability to sell its latest generation of iPhones, Ives said he wouldn’t be surprised to see 350 million units upgraded during the next 12 to 18 months. Consensus estimates model iPhone shipments of …Read more

First iPhone XR reviews hit YouTube ahead of pre-orders – 9to5Mac

iPhone XR pre-orders start tonight at midnight California time, and the first iPhone XR reviews — or at least early hands-on experiences — are starting to hit the web. iPhone XR lands in stores one week from tomorrow on October 26.Read more

iPhone XR may reduce ASP but should outpace iPhone 8 shipments by 50 percent – AppleInsider

The iPhone XR will fare far better than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in terms of shipments, Robert Cihra of Guggenheim Securities predicts, but while the low cost could hurt the overall iPhone average selling price, the release will probably help …Read more

Should I Update My Older iPhone With the Latest OS? – Lifehacker

Jump up to Windows 10 on an older desktop PC, macOS Mojave on a legacy MacBook Air or, in your case, iOS 12 on an older iPhone, and you might have a worse experience than you did previously. And that thinking isn’t far-fetched. There have been plenty …Read more

Some iPhone XR Models Start Selling Out – Mac Rumors

Right now, some yellow and PRODUCT(RED) iPhone XR models from T-Mobile won’t ship out for one to two weeks, delivering in November instead of on October 26. In the UK, iPhone XR supply is also starting to slowly sell out, with coral and yellow models …Read more

After using Samsung Galaxy phones for 5 years, I made the switch to the iPhone XS – Business Insider

Switching to a new phone can be as easy as re-downloading your apps, but it gets more difficult if you’re changing operating systems. After using Samsung Galaxy phones for five years, Business Insider’s Manny Ocbazghi has decided to switch to the …Read more

Where to Order the Colorful iPhone XR (and 5 More Phone Deals) – WIRED

Maybe we’re trolling the iPhone XR just a little. It appears to be a great phone, but it can also be really expensive. The price of high-end smartphones has shot through the roof in the last couple years, which makes it a great time to consider a …Read more